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The most experienced team in the global electronic billing and payment industry

ebpSource delivers award-winning software solutions, consultancy and support to clients worldwide, across a range of industries.

Centralised e-billing, m-billing, e-invoicing, e-document and payment solutions for:

> Central and national banks
> Payment processors
> Individual banks and financial service providers

High-volume, high-adoption multi-channel e-billing and payment services for:

> Telecoms, mobile, cable, TV providers
> Outsourcing service providers
> Utilities and governments

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ebpSource at the 2021 Payments Canada Summit

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ebpSource and Bitt announce commercial partnership

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Bitt Inc. and ebpSource are pleased to announce a global partnership to provide clients with a combined set of complementary value-added technologies.

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What We Do

Industry-leading experience


The guiding hand behind many of the world's largest e-billing and payment initiatives, ebpSource offers you:

> Pre-project business and technical consultancy
> Business and technical requirements gathering
> Sizing, scoping and IT architecture design
> End-to-end project delivery


Fully-integrated solutions for all of your mission critical e-billling, e-document, e-invoicing and payment services:

> Enterprise software deployment
> Bespoke solution development
> End-to-end integration and implementation
> Ongoing project management


ebpSource delivers maximum efficiency to your ongoing operations, with flexible, cost-effective options for:

> Project delivery
> Post-project application and infrastructure support
> Ongoing operational support
> A long-term, strategic partnership

ebpSource financial service and payment provider solutions

Innovative digital infrastructures for financial service and payment providers

Award-winning digital infrastructures and applications for payment processors and financial service providers:

› Bank-based e-billing and payment consolidation
› E-invoice and payment hubs
› E-contracts and e-document consolidation
› Mobile SMB invoicing and payment
› End-to-end KYC, smart authentication, Supply Chain Finance

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New digital infrastructures

Secure, trusted national and trans-national digital infrastructures, designed to serve as a base for the delivery of new bank-driven payment services.

Built for massive volumes

Designed from the ground up to support extremely high transaction volumes, ... of documents, bills, invoices, payments and other secure message flows.

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  • "In our time working together we have established strong bonds between the teams, both at a commercial and technical level. The breadth and depth of ebpSource's subject knowledge, combined with their proven reliability, qualifies them to implement complex, strategic projects."

  • "The decision to base our platform on world-class technology from ebpSource gave us valuable first-mover advantage in the region. We now benefit from a flexible, functionally-rich underpinning for new services as they evolve. ebpSource's domain knowledge implementing complex e-billing and payment consolidation projects like ours has also been a huge benefit to our product development roadmap."

ebpSource telecoms solutions

Telecoms e-billing and e-signing for fixed, mobile, internet and cable providers

Powering many of the world's highest adoption e-billing and payment services, for:

› Consumers
› Corporate and SMB clients
› Call centres
› Agents, field and store personnel

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Manage massive volumes

With solutions designed to support the highest volume telecoms e-billing, e-document, e-signing and payment experiences.

Deliver to any channel

Innovative, responsive and fully-integrated technologies, securely delivering content to any and all customer touchpoints.

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  • “From the moment the new e-billing service went live every customer touchpoint, from the website to the call centre, became a channel for promoting the benefits of online bill viewing, payment and self-service … and with ebpSource’s assistance, we are confident we have everything we need to stay several steps ahead for the future.”

    DIRECTOR OF SELF-CARE - MAJOR Telecoms/mobile/internet/cable TV service PROVIDER (EUROPE)
ebpSource government and utility solutions

Enterprise-wide e-billing and e-signing for government and utility service providers

Delivering responsive, high-volume, high-adoption online services for:

› Consumers
› Corporate and SMB clients
› Call centre staff
› Agents, branch and field personnel

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Improve customer service

Through connected applications designed to maximise customer convenience and minimise day-to-day operational costs. 

Boost customer engagement

Make the most of a launchpad for the delivery of higher levels of customer engagement and increased customer self-service.

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  • "We wanted to fast track development and decided the best approach was to bring in a deployment partner with a proven, dependable and international reputation. ebpSource’s long-standing expertise has been instrumental in our being able to offer an e-billing and self-service environment that has the power and stability to handle our current needs with the flexibility to support our ambitious future plans.”

ebpSource solutions for outsourcing providers

Next generation e-billing, e-invoicing, e-documents for outsourcing providers

Are you in the business of providing enterprise-grade outsourced services? ebpSource delivers highly-flexible, multi-tenant infrastructures for:

› B2C and B2B e-billing, m-billing and payment
› B2B e-invoicing and payment
› Mass adoption e-document storage and presentment
› Responsive, customisable, multi-channel end client applications
› All with client-tailored support options

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Architected for growth

Flexible, added-value, multi-tenant solutions, designed to scale with your business - built for massive volumes and the highest levels of customer adoption. 

Focused on resource efficiency

ebpSource solutions put the latest technologies in the hands of your technical team and offer unmatched operational efficiencies. 

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  • "The environmental appeal of going paperless is important to our clients' customers. They also like the convenience of being able to view bills and statements online anywhere, anytime in either fully-interactive or PDF formats. Being able to make a secure payment from their own bank with a single click makes the whole process very simple."


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A senior member of our sales and marketing team will be in touch to understand your requirements and share details of ebpSource's market-leading experience, technologies and applications.

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